Create fantastic focal points to display your plants with our selection of garden baskets, plant pots and planters. Not only can you add character to your outdoor spaces, but you can enjoy regulated growth and the versatility to move your favourite flowers and shrubs around throughout the year.

Available in heavy-duty wire, willow or rattan, our hanging baskets are a great way to brighten up your patio, doorways, shed and conservatory. Our hanging basket accessories include coco and moss basket liners, iron wall brackets and adjustable chains to ensure you have everything you need to create a floral display to be proud of.

Create statement window boxes and display potted shrubs on your patio and porch with our range of garden plant pots. Shop by colour and material including terracotta, wood and stone effect finishes to find something for every space and style.

Our robust wooden planters perfectly combine practicality and style in an attractive container. Find our softwood planters in a broad range of shapes and styles to suit your space to create vibrant and attractive features.

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For a contemporary look, our linear patio planters come in a large range of sizes with a choice of sleek designs. Available in raised, table and corner styles you can make a statement with barrel, hexagon and trough shaped planters.

If you’re looking to support your flowering and evergreen climbers, our planters with lattice and trellis are the perfect versatile choice, while compact and tiered designs look great with cascading herbs and trailing plants.

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