Helukabel will have their vast array of wind turbine cables for show, which have been developed and tested to provide more than 20 years of operation service time.

Cable manufacturer HELUKABEL will participate in the American Wind Energy Association’s WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, IL (booth #1765) on May 5 to 8, and showcasing its complete range of cabling products capable of equipping the entire turbine – from rotor tip to tower base.

The company will display its latest cable-lug-crimp technology to connect cable lugs to aluminum conductor cables, such as the flexible-aluminum WK-POWERLINE ALU. The C8 crimp cable lug has been IEC 61238-1 Class A High-Voltage tested and approved, and can withstand the warming caused by an electric current flowing through aluminum, which has a higher resistance level than copper.

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This makes HELUKABEL the only company capable of delivering an aluminum cable and lug assembly with an approved connectivity technology up to 777 kcmil (400 mm2).

Additionally, the company will have their vast array of wind turbine cables for show, which have been developed and tested to provide more than 20 years of operation service time. Constructed using specially-stranded copper or finely-stranded, flexible aluminum and unique conductor and jacket insulation compounds, the HELUKABELHELUWIND WK-Series offers turbine manufacturers, wind farm owners and operators, and system integrators:

Some cables are oil resistant having passed Oil Res I and II tests, flame retardant according to the FT4 flame test, compliant with NFPA 79 2007 standards, and are WTTC-rated up to 1000 V.

During an IEC 61238-1 Class A High-Voltage Test the conductor is heated to the maximum rated temperature by passing a current through the cable and then letting it cool. This test was repeated 200 times, followed by six short-circuits from about 26,000A. The process continued with 75 heating and cooling cycles with intermittent measurements of the transition resistance. After simulating 1,000 heating cycles the test is completed.

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