The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), led by Mr. Kirapat Jiamset, Governor, revealed that the MEA and Yip In Soi have joined hands under a new contract to create a “Smart Metro Grid” project under the concept of “Smart Metropolitan Electricity Grid of the Future”.

The Governor explained that the venture marks another major pilot project to upgrade electrical systems and services to facilitate the general populous in response to their integration of technology into their way of life in the capital.

MEA has accordingly set up Smart Metro Grid, a network for data transmission using intelligent integrated electricity and digital technology, with a budget of over 1,149 million baht. Completion is anticipated within 2022. The project involves installation of smart meters and using technology for data input and output consistent with the demands of devices for two- way communication. The technology has the capacity to monitor and display in real time. It shows the level of electrical power supplied to the users, collects data and records electricity consumption, both current and accumulated, using smart meters. This makes monitoring easy. It can also locate causes of problems behind power failures, enabling staff to resolve the condition more precisely and speedily. Moreover, it can identify incidences of electricity smuggling more efficiently. 

The MEA can analyse the accurate details to determine where problems can occur in electrical systems, enabling it to prevent and resolve problems more quickly. The data collected can be used for effective planning to support development of electrical systems that are more complex and can complement the government’s smart city development plan.

As the electricity distribution agency responsible for Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi, the MEA has continuously developed modern electrical systems for the convenience of people. Internally, it has adopted integration of information and communication technology to facilitate the exchange of information between various systems used within the MEA, thereby achieving greater efficiency. The result is more accurate data and immediate verification capacity.

A goal has been set to begin using 33,265 smart meters in areas for which the MEA is responsible. Electricity users will not have to pay for installation. It is hoped that it will help electricity consumers manage their consumption of electricity more efficiently. 

The “Smart Metro Grid” model will be used to evaluate electricity usage before expanding smart meter installation to cover all MEA areas.

Thus the Smart Metro Grid system will make the MEA more digital in line with government policies to promote the Thailand 4.0 era. It will also improve the well-being of people and empower more systematic management of electricity. 

The key is that, with this system, if a disaster occurs, the MEA will immediately be informed and be able to resolve the situation more quickly than under the old system that mainly relies on electricity users providing information. 

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Smart Metro Grid is a two-way communication, sending and receiving data that the MEA can use to develop innovate modern services for people going forward.

Second-home buyers will find it easier to borrow, SMEs will get tax refunds sooner and foreign reserves will be prudently invested overseas.

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